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Radon Continuous Monitoring 

Radon testing done by a home inspector or radon professional is generally a 48 hour test done with an expensive testing device that is calibrated annually.  Testing for radon as part of a real estate transaction is carefully performed by trained specialists to give the most precise measurement possible.

Now that you have that information what should you do about radon?  Radon levels are not stable measurements.  Radon measurements vary during the day, during the season and as time passes.  Droughts, very wet seasons, cold and even local construction can affect average radon levels.  

We have teamed up with ecosense to provide a product that can be used to monitor radon levels long term.  A link to their site is provided below:  If you use the link below you will receive a discount.  If you shop ecosense through a different method simply use our promo code to receive a discount (BBRI)

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