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BB Residential Inspections is now offering:


 Indoor Air Quality Surveys.

Many homes have indoor air that is less healthy that the outdoor air.  Let us check what is in the air you breathe while at home!

During the survey we test the air for hazardous chemicals like Formaldehyde,  VOCs, and test for evidence of unburnt gasses such as methane or propane.  We also test for particulate matter, mold and even conduct a quick check for radon gas.  NOTE: The radon gas check is only for information purposes.  A radon test for real estate transactions must be 48 hours in duration.  The cost is 150 dollars.


I am water sampler certified through the State of Maryland Department of the Environment Water Sampler Certification Program.  My sampler id is 9076BB and my certification number is 2112-00-408

Cert. #IAC2-07-7388 


Testing for radon gas takes two full days to collect.  Radon Testing costs 75.00


Mold testing varies in cost and complexity.  If you suspect you have mold but do not know it's location, a whole house test takers 4 air samples and 2 swab samples.  The whole house test costs 200.00 dollars.  A partial test can cost as low as 75.00 dollars for a single swab test. A "breathe easy" test costs 75.00 dollars and your indoor air is compared to your outdoor air.


A sample of your water is tested for contaminants.  This test costs 100.00 dollars and must be done on Monday through Wednesday in the late morning due to lab restrictions.  

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