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To help people determine if the air in their house is healthy we have created an Indoor Air Quality Survey. During the survey we will test for the problematic substances found in indoor air. We will look for presence of Formaldehyde and VOCs. The are common from manufactured items that are out-gassing. We will test for particulate matter. Particulate matter are tiny particles in the air that come from dust or dirty vents. We will do a lab analyzed mold test and a short radon test. This test is only run for a one hour period and may not accurately predict the level of radon in the house. Radon levels vary by the hour of the day, the weather and the season of the year. Finally we will check for excess levels of carbon dioxide and unburnt fuels such as methane or propane.

There is a lot of confusion when the word MOLD is used. There are thousands of types of mold and only a limited number of them can cause health problems, however the ones that do cause health issues can be very dangerous. Mold exists everywhere there is moisture and food, the greater the moisture the more mold can thrive. Only a lab analyzed sample taken by a trained professional can identify the type and amount of mold present. People often ask why should I pay for a professional environmental test that doesn't include any remediation. The answer is simple. The testing will be accurate and unbiased. Often the only remediation needed is surface cleaning and moisture reduction through the use of a dehumidifier. If the services of a remediation company are needed it will be recommended.

Rental properties in Baltimore City will require an inspection for licensure in 2019! As of August 1st, 2018 potential landlords can have rental inspections performed to license their rental properties in Baltimore City. Contact us for details!

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