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Advance preparation for a home inspection is key to a successful inspection.  The following list will help to prepare for the inspection.

All parties impacted by the inspection should know what time the inspection starts and how long it will last. Sellers, buyers and their agents should all know what time the inspection starts and how long it will last.  

All utilities must be turned on prior to the inspection.  The gas furnace cannot be evaluated properly without gas.

The more people that attend the harder it is to inspect.  Inspectors are very professional but can be distracted.


All inspectors carry insurance to protect them from liability for damage they cause.  They are also very good at protecting people's personal belongings.  Buyers have no insurance coverage and should not operate any of the components of the house.  Avoid opening windows, turning on dishwashers, etc..

Tell the inspector your concerns right away.  It helps to know any concerns that a buyer has about the house.

Know what forms of payment are acceptable.  BBRI accepts cash, check, Zelle transfers and Venmo/Paypal.  We can also take online payments with a credit card by clicking on the payment button!  

 The button for the inspection agreement collects information used in the inspection report.  That is normally completed at the inspection but can be completed in advance.

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